Gettin' on up in Years

[<] [>]  by Mark Davis [*][^][+][@]

22 August 2012

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Drabble Challenge #95

Prompt: machine

“Here for your checkup?” the front office worker asks Jerry.

“I sure am,” Jerry smiles.

“The Doctor will be with you shortly.”

Quite some time passes. Finally the nurse calls Jerry into the exam room...

“Hi Jerry, sorry to keep you waiting.”

“No problem Doc.”

“How have things been going since your last checkup?” the Doctor inquires.

“Not so good. I've been having a lot of stiffness in my joints.”

“Don't worry, John. We will have you working like a well oiled machine in no time!”

“Come on Doc. You know they stopped designing us to use oil, years ago!”




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