When Munchies Trump Intelligence

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12 September 2012

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Drabble Challenge #98

Prompt: root

related to Wilder Investigations

Wilder Investigations had searched a warehouse they thought was a zombie factory. They only found some discarded roots, which they took to Madame Lebeaux, a renowned Voodoo priestess.

"Dis could be de root of mandragora," she said with a Creole accent, "which ees known for restoring virility. I'll compare it to my own sample." She and Charlie then heard chomping. She screamed as they saw Matt eating her mandragora sample.

"What?" said Matt innocently as he continued to munch. Charlie pointed downward. Matt's crotch extended outward like a teepee mounted sideways.

"I can't help it if she's attractive," said Matt.




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