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Drabble Series

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Drabbles in Series

OrdTitleAuthorDate PostedPrompt
1 To Dream a Little DreamJoel Byers[+]28 August 2009dreams
2 The Gorilla at the DoorJoel Byers[+]28 August 2009denial
3 Reluctant KeyJoel Byers[+]28 August 2009key
4 Old Roles, RevisitedJoel Byers[+]28 August 2009take-off
5 Knowing When to LeaveJoel Byers[+]2 September 2009take-off [alt]
6 Abandon Dock!Joel Byers[+]10 June 2009mayday [alt]
7 Wanted to Buy: A RescueJoel Byers[+]7 May 2009mayday
8 RubiconJoel Byers[+]2 September 2009landing
9 CaughtJoel Byers[+]14 October 2009fear
10 The Perfect GiftJoel Byers[+]14 October 2009anniversary [alt]


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