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The Ghost Trees of Boneyard Beach 01/28/2015 04 -- Botany Bay Plantation Heritage Preserve/Wildlife Management Area, Edisto Island, South Carolina, January 28, 2015

The Ghost Trees of Boneyard Beach  by Jim Dollar


I miss touch.

I miss the touch of a man. I miss the touch of a man who’s housed inside the body of a woman. I miss the softness. That touch that strokes my outsides but reaches into my soul and starts some sort of chorus there. A call and response.

I miss soft hands. Do they have to be? Calloused are just as good. Sexier. Calluses caused by guitar playing? Even better.

Never mind their casings, I miss hard working hands that will work hard for a life with me. Hands that think a life with me is worth something. A cherished thing.

Being a cherished thing. Yes. That’s what I miss most of all.


For me, a balanced lover is the best lover of all. Not balanced in the mind. No! Nothing so ambitious. As a matter of fact, a bit of imbalance makes of us seekers. Strivers. Improvers and students of ourselves. Of life. Of meaning.

I’m talking about balance in roles. Of gender. Of occupation. Of good and evil. Darkness and light. Domination and submission, Expectations of self. Of others. Balance that unleashes the feminine and the masculine that reside within us all. Those who can roll with the roles. Slide in and out of them with the ebb and flow that eases their multi-layered soul, nestles it, within the layers of my own.

And once wedged there, how to get it out? Is such a thing even possible?

As a single person, as a single person who has been in love with so many powerful souls, how do I find that powerful in me? In myself? Alone? Not influenced by the seeking of like minds that has thus far been my forte?

What do I do…with the ghosts?


Thanks and credit to the wonderful Jim Dollar at: Jim Dollar Photography.

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