There Was an Old Woman

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6 May 2014

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Drabble Challenge #120

Prompt: murder

Inspectator Ives sauntered into the room, his trench-coat opened and his food-stained tie tick-tocking back and forth. “Whatta we got here,” he asked gruffly as he pointed at the body on the floor.

“The Widow Rose Bonne,” Detective Mills replied. “Death by suffocation. She choked on a fly.”

“To be precise a Calliphoridae, the common blowfly,” the man leaning over her corpse said as he pried open her mouth.

“Who’s he?” Ives asked.

“Dr. Kirby, Paranormal-entomologist sent by the insurance company,” Mills answered.

“Aha!” Kirby exclaimed holding the fly up. “It’s a case of murder-suicide. The fly left a note.”




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