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27 October 2008

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Drabble Challenge #23

Prompt: digital

related to Wilder Investigations

"It has the new esotoric aura enhancer as well as a saw-toothed blade on the polar side," Gleostar said as he oozed around Ballorox's darkly gleaming legs. "The new Soul Screamer Emotion rip-saw is a must for the suave, debonair demon-lord of the New Millennium."

"What's this little gadget here," Ballorox purred as he caressed his talons lovingly around the sharp, pointy edges of the shiny new rip-saw as his chattering entourage looked on with greedy, envious eyes.

"Oh, that's just the digital read-out," Gleostar oozed.

Ballorox snapped his talons and the ooze demon evaporated. "Digital," Ballorox scorned, "How bourgeois."



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