Summer Days

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8 June 2012

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Drabble Challenge #85

Prompt: rhyming (special)
Dusty dogs stretched out on the front porch, refusing to run,
     Dingle Ding Dang It!

Salacious squirrels chattering and plotting from the top of the oaks,
     Single Sing Sang It!

Lazy lads draped in the crook of the old pecan tree,
     Lingle Ling Lang It!

Cautious cats perched by the screen-door, waiting on their chance,
     Kingle King Kang It!

Felonious flies buzzing around the ears, just out of reach of retribution,
     Fingle Fing Fang It!

Haughty hawk lounging on the post, eyeing his subjects for their slightest malfeasance,
     Hingle Hing Hang It!

Summer slumbers on by,
     Slingle Sling Slang It!




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