Time to Run

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28 July 2012

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Drabble Challenge #86 [Alternate]

Prompt: escape

part 62 of the Expanded Blue Mountain Stories series: Blue Mountain

Wood-Axe grabbed his cloak and glared at Rabbit. “Check the food.”

The old woman leaned over and inspected the boys and girl and said, “They’re still sleeping. Your spell’s still working.”

“Good,” he said. “Now hurry, it’s a ways to Tallulah and I’m hungry.”

They left the cabin, grumbling and fussing. After several minutes, a crow poked his beak out from the blanket covering the girl and said, “Get up, get up, get up.”

Goodie stood up and looked at the boys and said, “Can we wake Pol and Castor?”

“Get help, save them,” the crow said. “Go to Chagee.”




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Prelude to Running28 July 2012

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