No Good Deed Goes Appreciated

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3 October 2012

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Drabble Challenge #99

Prompt: impossible

related to Wilder Investigations

Charlie lay in the hospital bed, his badly broken leg slightly swaying in an elevated sling. His jaw tightly clinched.

“You’re ungrateful, you know that?” Matt opined as he lounged in the only chair. “Ungrateful and impossibly rude.”

Charlie whipped his head around, “UNGRATEFUL?! You broke my leg!”

“The witch broke it,” Matt countered.

“No, No, SHE broke my ankle. YOU broke my leg trying to FREE it.”

“It worked,” Matt shouted back.

“Not before you peed on it to make the root let go!”

“I was thinking outside the box,” Matt answered.

“YOU are impossible. Not me!” Charlie yelled.




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