Part 10: Attuned

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21 May 2012

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Drabble Challenge #13 [Alternate]

Prompt: superstition

part 10 of the series: Encountering Ophelia

Jonathan gazed yearningly, nearly overwhelmed by his just-realized loneliness. He didnít know quite what to say to Ophelia, so he remained mute. Perhaps she would come with me? he mused. And I would have a companion...

"A companion, Jonathan?" Ophelia asked without thinking. She saw the shock on his face. "I am so sorry," she added hastily. "I do not mean to intrude into your thoughts, but they... you... seem particularly open to me. As if we are attuned."

A smile slowly came to his lips. "Attuned, yes!" he exclaimed. "I've felt that since the first moment I saw you..."




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Thrown Into Fountains19 July 2008


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