A Bit Under the Weather

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12 January 2011

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Drabble Challenge #67

Prompt: cold

related to Wilder Investigations

"What's the book, Chuck?" Matt asked, between sneezes.

"The Grimoire we recovered."

"It's not a curse," Matt insisted, blowing his nose.

"She yelled 'I curse you, Matt Wilder!'"

"She's not the first."

"Fever? Congestion? Sore throat?" Charlie asked, ticking off items on his clipboard.

"It's just a cold."

"Yeah... or the first stages of a Transmogrification Curse."

"It's not a curse," Matt said again, as he coughed up something vaguely slug-like.

Charlie poked it with his pencil and it hissed and scuttled across Matt's desk.

"...but if it'll make you happy, I suppose we could do the de-cursing ritual anyway."




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