Boredom's Release

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22 January 2009

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Drabble Challenge #28

Prompt: change

related to Wilder Investigations

Matt crouched beside Charlie in the dimly lit, fetid sewer, as Charlie perched on an old, grungy milk crate and meticulously entered observations into his journal using the harsh light of the Coleman lantern.

“What are we waiting for?” Matt asked impatiently as he nudged the glistening, mucousy man-sized pupa with his boot.

Over the scritch, scritch, scritch of his penmanship, Charlie replied, “We’re waiting for it to change.”

“Man, this is taking too long,” Matt said and he turned and began searching the trash-filled underground chamber.

“Where are you doing?” Charlie demanded.

“Searching for a blunt object,” Matt replied.



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