Job Interview #42A

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29 April 2009

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Drabble Challenge #32 [Alternate]

Prompt: interview with...

“So, what unique talents would you bring as an archangel?” Jehovah asked.

Zeus perched on the edge of the utilitarian divan and maintained eye contact. He really needed this job and took the time to carefully consider his response.

“I have an unusual affinity for lightening bolts,” he responded, “with the skill to direct them at the sinner of your choice,” and as an afterthought he added, “and I control thunder.”

“That’s MY power!” Thor screamed from the back of the room.

“Now, now,” Jehovah said. “I believe I have work for you both. What are your thoughts on smiting?”




TitleDate Posted
Interview with Charlie14 April 2009

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