This Changes Everything, Dammit

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7 May 2009

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Drabble Challenge #32 [Alternate]

Prompt: interview with...

He looked at the computer printout and his stomach fluttered as he studied the strange numbers. “So, does this mean I have diabetes?”

The doctor refused to look at him directly and instead, concentrated on the printed lab results as he answered, “Yes, you have diabetes, but with the proper amount of exercise and a change in your diet, it is controllable.”

“Can I still eat bread?” he asked wistfully.

The kindly, older physician patted his patient’s shoulder and said, “Not to the degree you’d like.”

He pursed his lips and slowly exhaled as the words sunk in.

“well shit.”




TitleDate Posted
Interview with Charlie14 April 2009

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TitleDate Posted
Job Interview #42A29 April 2009
Interview with Mrs. Slaton14 April 2009
Interview with Matt14 April 2009


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