A Path Unforeseen

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15 July 2013

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Drabble Challenge #106

Prompt: oops

part 8 of the series: Gods & Monsters

Ratatoskr, Ymir’s messenger, scurried into the mountain village of Ginnungagap and found the elderly Aske and Embla patiently waiting. “Did you bring them?” Embla asked hopefully as she handed him some nutbread. Ratatoskr snatched the pastry as he swung his shoulder-bag around and dumped its contents upon the ground. Embla cried with alarm as three infant boys rolled out. “Those are babies, you idiot squirrel! And two of them aren’t even Vanir!” “Shit,” Ratatoskr muttered. “I picked up one of Gabriel’s and one of Gaia’s by accident. Oh well, I was ordered to bring three and now you’ve got three.”




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