Making Use of What You've Got

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4 May 2016

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Drabble Challenge #122

Prompt: teach

part 10 of the Wilder Investigations series: A Different Kind of Zombie Apocalypse

“What do we have that can clog up that huge zombie mosquito’s proboscis?”

“We’ve got this golf club I’m holding, some thawing squirrel brains and a vacuum cleaner. It’s hopeless.”


“Let’s try this. Toss me a squirrel brain.”

“Okay, here you go. Now what?”

“I’m going to push it into the vacuum hose and use it to attract our insect friend. Then I’ll turn on the vacuum to keep its proboscis trapped inside.”

“That’ll teach it not to put its nose where it doesn’t belong. But then how do we catch it?”

“I’m thinking!”

“No, not that again!”




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