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2 September 2012

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Drabble Challenge #52 [Alternate]

Prompt: cracked

related to Wilder Investigations

"Where were you?" Charlie asked.

"Talking to our client," Matt replied, poking at the campfire with a stick.

"You know he's crazy, right?"


"Maybe? First he thought he was a ghost, then a vampire. Every time we prove he's not something, he decides he's something else. What is it this time?"

"He hasn't said."

"Why did you take this job anyway?"

"The open sky, the fresh air, the great outdoors... What's not to love?"

A piercing howl suddenly erupted from the edge of the campsite.

"That," Charlie answered.

"I guess I'd better go convince him he's not a werewolf."




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One Mind, Slightly Damaged24 January 2010


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