Schemes of the Annunaki Part 3: The Replicators

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21 March 2013

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Drabble Challenge #63

Prompt: image

part 3 of the series: Schemes of the Annunaki

"Behold the human image," said Terencius. "Forehead like a block, mouth and nose recessed below the eyes, appendages sprouting from the sides of the head that enable hearing, and a patch of fur growing out of the brain pan." Terencius released the grip he had on the corpse's hair and let its head flop back on the table with a thump. "Do you think you can duplicate such a creature?"

"Our agents roam their world in shadows, looking for suitable specimens for crossbreeding," replied the transmogricist. "If all goes well, the hybrids will look human but will have our anatomy."




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