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Roddy & Linda Stories

Bringing in the May
1953: A New Start
Heading For Home—11 January, 1953
Paparazzi: February, 1953
The Price of Fame
Breaking Point
And the Winner Is…

Words Are All I Have...

Virtual NYE
I HAVEN'T Abandoned You!: A Conversation with My Alter-Ego
The Reluctant Pun
The Perils of Promptness
Wednesday, All Through the Night
To Write or Not To Write
Book Birth
A Chat with My Alter-Ego
The Wonderland of Writing
What Might It Be Like?
Time On My Hands
November Eve


Rewind/Fast Forward
Blissful Beginning
Chilling End
First Look
Butterfly Wings


One Final Brightness
But Evil Is Thicker Than Blood

After the Visit

Loved It When They Got Here… Loved It Even More When They Left
Our Visit To Savannah


In My Dreams
Tour into Madness

Savannah Sonnets

Song of Savannah—Summer 2008
St Patrick’s Day in Savannah
The Cooling Key
High Summer
A Love Song to Savannah (Maybe the Last)

Adventures in Homebuying

Adventures in Homebuying

Shipwrecked Souls

Shipwrecked Souls

Soul Mate

Soul Mate

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