Negotiations, now. FA#14

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13 June 2011

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Drabble Challenge #71 [Alternate]

Prompt: chicken

part 14 of the Wilder Investigations series: Fowl Apparitions

“So, let’s talk price, shall we?” Belford said as he pushed two tumblers of Scotch toward Matt and Charlie.

Matt took the Scotch, sipped, and said, “How about we talk about what’s happening, THEN we haggle over price.”

Charlie cradled his Scotch in his hands, un-tasted, and said, “I agree, Matt, I’d like to know what’s going on before we price our labor.”

“Wow,” Belford said, “you two really have grown up, haven’t you?”

Charlie passed Matt his drink and said, “He’s thinking about screwing us, isn’t he Matt.”

Matt drained one tumbler and said, “Yep, he’s going to try.”




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